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Originally Posted by jdn View Post
There is a forum member from Ireland that offers travel services for what you want to do. He has his thread here: Basically he offers to buy a bike of your choice, store ist until you arrive and buy it back if you leave. I assume there are certain conditions that need to apply but you should check that yourself... Maybe it's an option for you. Seems to be a lot cheaper than bringing your own bike or rent one.

Thank you. I sent him an email and got a very enlightning response.
He is recommending a Honda Transalp.
Here is his response to my email.

Hi Mark.
Thanks for your inquiry.
To answer your question, yes, you can buy here in Ireland being a non resident.
You will need an address, in this case you can use mine.
Bikes are plentiful on
You basically pick a bike and let me handle the rest.
My services are mainly storage and negotiation between you and the seller. I'll broker the deal and if the sellers description of the bike is accurate and I'm happy with the condition of it, I'll pick the bike up and store it till you arrive.
We can prep the bike if you desire or at least give you a fair assessment of what is needed to make it trip ready, brakes, tires, chain condition etc.
Honda Transalps seem to be the best value for money and the late 90's models seem to have leveled off in depreciation, making it a cheap rental if you decide to sell after the trip. Most guys go more upmarket if they are storing the motorcycle for annual trips.
I am located in Kinsale, 15 miles south of Cork city.
My fee's are as follows.
Brokerage fee and assessment, 50 Euro.
Paperwork fee, 50 Euro.
Storage, 30 Euro/month.
Pickup fee is 1 euro/mile traveled, so, keep as close to Cork as possible to keep costs down. Travel times are slow in Ireland.

My storage is extremely secure, fully insulated and comes with a full shop with tools if you decide you want to do your own prepping.

Hoping to hear from you in the near future.

Martin (aka, Wheatwhacker)
Maybe it's time to start looking to buy.
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