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5127 posts in this thread?!? Where's the FAQ/executive summary? :)
Picking up my used 2012 Standard this weekend that I bought from an inmate. Very excited to throw a leg over the beast again.
Actually, having been a long time admirer of this bike and even longer time rider of the 1st gen, I have a pretty good idea of what to expect. One thing I'm still debating is the DP panniers. Get a set of the stock units or go for some aftermarket hard or soft? When I use the MTS1000 panniers, I stuff them to the gills for a long trip or a run from the grocery, so I'm skeptical that a small set of Pelicans or the like would do me much good. Other than that, put on some heated grips before winter and ride the crap out of it is my game plan.
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