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“You can't fix stupid”... [Bozeman, Montana]

So I guess the thoughts as such a title for an entry have been brewing for a while. Camping in much deserted spaces to only then on mix in with the flow of others while moving on to point X brings on the details of a flow encountered with much concerns sometimes!

It is the balance of Life. Same with the “healthy and unhealthy”, “rich and poor” and on and on.
So we made it to the Bozeman area where we are running errands for a few days, taking a break as it was with much regret we left Idaho where we will stop again when on our way south. The smoke was a little too dense for us and so was the temperatures.

The next leg will be toward the "Glacier” area, I am curious about finding this little town north of it which runs on a generator and has this great Bakery.
All else is well, August is our hardest month on the road due to heat and the critters visiting us at alarming rates sometimes. I can however feel already the fall at night time. It won't be long.

Enjoy the past couple entries and finally a video, some photos also.

Till next time.

Stay well.

Ara and Spirit

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