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I completely agree. I am left scratching my head at the recent trend of companies making these half hearted attempts at motorcycles and pretending like character is an excuse to slap a slow engine, cheap suspension, and heavy frames together (CB1100 falls into this category too).
The Bonneville engine is far more powerful than most of the other 800cc air cooled motors out there and it's about 2 seconds faster in the 1/4mi than similar machines made by a certain American company. Let's get some perspective before we start calling something slow.
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I'm so glad I asked the question...this thread is great. I value all the opinions shared and the occasional touche'.

I went by the dealer in Anchorage who has a T100 on the floor and did a test sit. Was quite pleased with the ergos, leg room was ample and the bars were felt pretty good too. When I told him that I was interested in a mag wheel model, he told me that would never work, I'm too tall, too hard to put longer shocks on it, ho hum...
As the owner of a mag wheel '09 with Thruxton length shocks (aluminum bodied Icons), I can assure you that it is a 20 minute job involving 4 bolts and a chain adjustment. There are no I'll effects to speak of unless your inseam lacks. That salesman just wanted the extra $20 in commission.

Sorry for the necrobump, but someone needed to say it.
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