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Yeah mate, the practice is what will really improve the Spanish. Just walk up to people and start talking. The more you talk/listen, the better you get. Try not to get frustrated, just talk, talk, talk and talk, and you will get better, fast!

I dont know about that R2R place in Medellin. But, I would just do the valve check yourself. Its not hard. the site will have pic by pic tutorials.

I never trust a shop with a valve check, even in the states. Its far too easy for them to do absolutely nothing, tell you its good to go, and charge you a bunch of money.

For starters, just check the rear cylinder valves and see what you have since the rear is super easy to get to. If they are good, the front will be fine. If they are out of spec, then tear into it and get er done. do the WP at the same time since you already have all the shit off the bike.

FWIW, I had to adjust my valves at about 15,000 miles, slightly. Probably didnt even need to do it then, I was just being anal as they were not out of spec, but not perfect either. I never had to touch them after that, and I have 60,000 miles on the bike. But, I'm not bumping off the rev limiter either, and keep a super clear airbox, so that may have something to do with why my valves never move. I wouldn't worry too much about the valves on the LC8. Dont lose any sleep over it.
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