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Originally Posted by Rugby4life
I bought an '05 Majesty just to commute to work because my 1900cc Roadliner seemed to be a bit of overkill for a short 10 mile trip each way. before long I found myself riding it more than the Roadliner or the DR650. I loved the convenience of putting my backpack under the seat, ride to work, pull out the backpack and store the helmet in there. I didn't want to carry the helmet in with me all the time and since I ride daily, year-round, I am concerned about UV deterioration of the helmet hanging in the sun 10-12 hrs a day... every day. I've done many 4-500 mile days, much of it at 80-85mph on the highway, and it was very comfortable and stable. Now the DR and Roadliner are gone and I only sold the Majesty to make room for a BMW C650GT. The GT is my only bike at the moment. After the bank account heals, I'll probably add an old BMW /6 and a Moto Guzzi Stelvio to round out the fleet.

Thanks for the feedback R4L. This confirms a lot of my suspicions.
Originally Posted by andoulli
...In my opinion used low mileage Silverwings are huge bargains and they are out there. I test rode a C650GT and it was amazing, but not $11K amazing compared to my $4K used Swing with 4K miles. Honda has nothing new that would sway me away from the Silverwing.
What type of fuel economy are you getting with your S-Wing? Just curious.
Originally Posted by pilotguy299
Maxi scooters are still pretty heavy, and their seat height is a bit too tall for some.
The weight thing concerns me as well. My Reflex is a little heavier than my DR650. Granted, the weight is down low but it's still kind of a pig to push around. Why do these things have to weigh so much?
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