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Originally Posted by viverrid View Post
Gotta watch out for the putting-the-hand-out thing. Especially an open hand. Often better to take the impact on the forearm while keeping the fist closed.

There is a gender tendency with this, I have observed that women are more like to put out a hand while men are more likely to put out a fist & forearm. Wife & I have discussed this before. Not an absolute divide of course, but my theory is that it stems from boys being more likely to play contact sports and physically fight, compared to social behavior that girls are more likely to engage in, the "stay away from me, creep" gesture.
I dunno, years ago I used to flat track race a Honda Oddysee (not the mini-van) most of us had wrist restrains installed, lengths of nylon attached to the steering yoke with loops that you put around your wrists so you couldn't stick your hands out side the cage. I can't remember a roll over that I didn't feel the restraint stop my wrist even though I always meant to keep my hands on the yoke. I also can't remember any uninjured riders that didn't use them.
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