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Originally Posted by Bronco638 View Post
The weight thing concerns me as well. My Reflex is a little heavier than my DR650. Granted, the weight is down low but it's still kind of a pig to push around. Why do these things have to weigh so much?
I had a couple of Silverwings before I bought my first Burgman 650. The weights are pretty close between the 2 but pushing the B'man around the garage you'd have though it weighed a LOT more. I read somewhere something like the trans doesn't fully disengage on the B'man. Not sure if that is correct but I had to get rid of it before I had a heart attack.

I found the Reflex easy to push around but haven't had one for a year or so. I must admit I'm getting pretty used to the Sport City and Vespa and how light they are.

One really nice thing is that engines have gotten a lot more powerful with FI and the newer 150s can provide an around town ride that would have challenged some of the older ones.
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