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Originally Posted by Ol'NumNuts View Post
WoW, that's an understatement... If you were a farmer I reckon you could strap a cow across that rack.

That's what I call 'stout'... I'm sure they'll sell a few...
Originally Posted by ducnut View Post
Not a TR owner, but, that rack is awesome. Pure craftsmanship going on, there.
Craftsmanship? Hmmm ... maybe. It's beautiful ... But anything that heavy may take a toll on its attachment points & sub frame once a load is applied and washboard and rough tracks are hammered through.

I'd say ... let's wait and see on this one. Adding extra heft and weight to the sub frame area on this bike does NOT seem prudent to me, if one intends long off road travel carrying a substantial load.

I also notice that the rack extends some distance out beyond the rear axle. Isn't that some sort of cardinal design rule? Never extend out beyond the rear axle? Basic, no? I would sacrifice the passenger area and move it ALL forward.

Most Top Boxes post a limit of about 11 kgs. (like GIVI boxes et al).
What is the weight of the rack W/hardware ?? And how much do you want to carry up there?

IMHO, best is light, simple, elegant and strong. (pick two! )

That rack looks a bit complicated and over built. Out on the road it's usually not the rack itself that breaks but the sub frame it's attached to or the attach points. This is the only part that really needs to be strong ... and tough. The rest could be plastic.

The rest is not holding much and not under much stress.
I've bent, cracked or broken several racks and sub frames going back to my early 80's XT Yamaha's, '87 XL600R, XR650L, KLR.

With some variation, the attachment points cracked and, in some cases, the factory threaded boss was no longer usable unless re-constructed. In Mexico and Cent. America this meant back yard welders doing what they could. Not pretty ... and only a temp fix.

Knock wood, so far my DR650 is holding up OK, but one of the threaded bosses broke off (Suzuki provide extra threaded attachments from the factory). Everything else holding well ... after 50,000 hard miles. My top duffel bag weighs about 20 lbs. Soft Panniers loaded, with racks, about 40 lbs. all up. Traveling light is tough. An art form really.
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