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Originally Posted by jules083 View Post
Similar thing happened to me. Got pulled over for speeding on my zx-14 ninja. I was in full gear, stock exhaust, and had luggage with camping gear. Cop basically saw that I wasn't a dumb kid and was letting me off, then was asking about the bike, it's speed, handling, etc.

I said something like 'I've heard that it's very smooth at 180mph, but that's illegal so I'm not sure'. He knew. Pretty cool guy, he had me dead to rights going 20 over just past the biggest speed limit sign I've ever seen. This thing was probably 3'x5'.

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I had a similar experience. I was on the highway with no traffic around. I was running about 130 mph as I was trying to make time. Much to my surprise, two state troopers were parked in a turn around chatting, but neither was running radar. I didn't even see them till I was going by so I went by at the full 130-ish mph. I let off the throttle and slowed to about 75mph. Of course, one of the troopers pulled out behind me and stopped me.

He asked how fast I was going. I replied, "No more than 80, sir" with a big smile. He laughed at me and said be careful and told me to ride safe. Never even asked me for drivers license or anything.

With that being said, I'm actually a police officer myself and I've found that most bikes decide its best to try to run from police so when one does stop it's refreshing and worthy of a warning unless they were really being a dumbass.
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