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Pissed Ffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu...

Man, I thought I was bonkers when this happened to me a couple weeks ago, but good to know at least ONE other person's having the same problem.

So far my diagnosis efforts:
  • on bike: Montana in satellite view, turn off G9 and watch Montana connect to multiple satellites within seconds. Turn G9 back on, watch Montana lose contact with 6 satellites completely, lose most of signal strength with remaining four, and pop up Lost Satellite Reception notification window.
  • off bike (Garmin on table, G9 on table, no cradles or cables: Same results.

Note that I tested this out OFF the bike as well; this means the choke idea below would likely not solve my problem, since the results were identical even without any cables connected to anything.

Have emailed Scala, will call later today as well. I haven't tried it out with another G9 yet; if another G9 doesn't do this, then I'm gonna ask them to simply replace my G9 under warranty.

updates as events warrant.

Originally Posted by WU7X View Post
I was reading through this post, but have neither the Scala or a Montana GPS on my bike. The idea of a choke is a good one. I found that it helped me in previous setups on my Dakar and a GPS system.
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