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Eat Pasta? Sure!

You may have noticed the fuel light on in the video. I barely made it into Springville running on fumes.
After gassing up I turned onto another favorite road I've ridden a few times before.
I see a GS rider stopped near the turnoff to Yokohl Valley Road. I wave and continue.

The road is a twisty and rustic country road that serves as a sweet short-cut over to Sequoia National Park.

I see that big GS behind me...

I sped up, but could not shake that big GS rider, so I pulled over and snapped him passing.

As he disappeared around the corner I stowed the camera and the chase was ON!

It took forever and some insane riding before I finally had him in sight again. He pulled over to snap pics and I got out in front.

I couldn't shake that GS no matter what.

We had a ton of fun...

on Yokohl Valley Road.

I had worked up an appetite. When we got to Three Rivers I pulled into the parking lot for the Pizza Factory.
The GS rider pulled up alongside, stuck out his hand and asked, "Eat pasta"? I looked at the restaurant and said, "Sure, let's do it".

It took a couple more tries until I understood he was introducing himself. He goes by eatpasta here and I had seen some of his posts before. Doh!

After chatting with eatpasta he carried on and I went inside to fill up on pizza. The pizza was pretty average.

eatpasta did a Day Trippin' report here: 2-Day 800 Mile Epic California Ride

I find it amazing that ride reporters from different places can cross paths like this.
Here are a few photos he got of me. Nice riding with you, eatpasta! That was a blast.


Finally caught up to this guy.... who was hauling balls

I followed him for awhile.... he was probably wondering why but I noticed he was an ADV

at three rivers he finally pulled off and I introduced myself. He was a super nice guy and he gave me his card. Now I need to FIND that card so I can PM him....
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