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I don't consider maxi scooters to be true scooters, because of their size and almost absurd length. To me, among other things, "scooter" means small. Not that there is anything wrong with maxi scooters, they have a purpose, but they don't really fit the definition of either a scooter or a motorcycle. Kind of like SUVs I guess. Neither a car nor a truck. I like traditional scooters. I've bought 5 new ones since 2005, and still have 3 of them. One of them is a manual shift 2 stroke. They are a blast to ride, and very handy.

But I am considering replacing a motorcycle with a maxi scooter, for medical reasons. Constant shifting and clutching starts to hurt after a while, and it can sometimes be hard to get on and off of a motorcycle. Since I have a 750cc motorcycle that is probably almost worn out (it may still have more miles left in it than I think) it just makes sense to replace it with a maxi scooter that should solve most of my issues.
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