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Originally Posted by MichaelJ View Post
By your tag "flrider", I assume that you're in Florida - so this might work for you:

Stefan Knopf ships containers of bikes back & forth between Heidelberg, Germany and Orlando. The schedule is basically from Orlando to Germany IMMEDIATELY after Bike Week and the other direction (I believe) in the December time frame with the bikes hitting Orlando February-ish.

Stefan is relatively inexpensive and handles everything for one fee. You drop your bike off at the shippers, and the next time you see it, it's ready to ride at Stefan's place.

The down side is that your bike will not be available in the US for almost a year, but you have about a 7 month window in Europe available to ride it.

I had a bike stored at Stefan's for 4 years and just sold it when I finished a 3 week ride 2 days ago (didn't want to ship it back).
Thank you Michael, I was unaware of this service.
I have decided to go with the wheatwhacker plan. It seems, after much research, that what he is offering is the perfect solution. Even taking a 50% depreciation hit on a US$4k bike, it's foolish to even consider shipping my own bike, plus, I get to ride one of those Euro bikes not available here in the US.
I'm searching for a Honda Africa Twin at the moment :)
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