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Ice Bergs, Penguins and Davis Station

When I arrived in Antarctica in November (2012) Davis Station looked a whole lot different than it does right now (July) From our living area we could see open ocean and an array of animals and icebergs. Once the sea ice formed everything picked up and left.
Here are some pictures from when I arrived.

The Aurora Australis class A ice breaker. Owned by P&O and used for resupplying all 3 Australian bases here in Antarctica.

Davis Station from about 2km's off shore. This was my first glimpse of my home for the next 12 months

At the early stages we were able to get out in IRB's amongst the Ice bergs and wild life.

Sometimes they would come and have a look at us.

This Iceberg reminds me of a sleeping Dragon.

Over summer the weather is just incredible!! No wind and the bluest of blue water!!

The next 2 pictures were taken from the Aurora Australis way out at sea. The Ice berg would have been over 200m high. The first picture is the far left corner of the next picture. This gives you an idea just how big they can get. It would have been maybe 2Km's long?

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