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Originally Posted by crypto666 View Post
I will do, but the problem is I only drop bikes on the left side.
Seeing this forum has tRONdled in the direction of penis-envy of late: Start to carry on the right side then you dickhead!

Thanks, will appreciate - especially the offsets/diff's, the expression "a tight fit" has taken a whole new meaning for me fitting this behemoth.

Kasuyaho, what brand are they - and also, pls post a pic of the bottom of the RHS as this is where I will have to modify mine?

I'd not do that, as the surplus of power will have to be sinked in your current regulator i.e it will become way too hot, I hunch it might fry. Better would be to wire-in the new (bigger) reg at the same time, then mod the rest later.

Thank you for your post, as it has spurred Ron on to wire an awesome thread together, in doing so showing his true colours which, quite frankly, shine!

Good man, and mine is bigger than yours anyway.
Oh wait, that should be Crypto, the topples over as a result of it
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