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Originally Posted by YakSpout View Post
Nope, got home and found a moment to pump the bad tube up. The hole was the on the wheel side and on a seam. Ugh. I'll double-check the rim tape, patch the tube and put it back in rotation.
More than a few of the mysterious flats I fix are rim strip-related.

@Mr Head: I know whatcha mean about the little 'pro shops.' There are one or two running around the DC area, but for the most part, the guys working there aren't Vecchio's. I'm better'n some. Worse than others. Right now, I don't have time to be 'the guru.' Too effing busy. If I had help, that'd probably be another story.

Dropped spokes off with a 'competing' LBS down the road from the shop 'cause they have a Phil Wood machine. Introduced myself, asked em if they were getting busier 'cause I was sending em so much business. Guy said yes, but there were some 'interesting' repairs so he didn't know whether to thank me or cuss at me!

So I had off a whole two days straight. Right? Left 4 repairs/day in for the 'somewhat under-motivated' mechanic to do. Guess how many repairs I came back to yesterday?

If you don't say 8 you're wrong.

Evidently the guy decided he didn't want to work there any more and left.

In the short term, it sucks 'cause now I'm behind. In the long run, its better because I don't have to check his work, don't have to deal with his attitude, and most importantly, the customers don't have to deal with his attitude. There's a kid coming on Mon that knows a little more (or maybe a little less ) but importantly, has a good attitude. A good attitude goes LOTS longer than knowledge. You can teach knowledge.

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