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Originally Posted by Rodsbike View Post
Enjoy your stay in Lima. You are doing a sterling job of the RR so in my book you have earned the break. Enjoy

I am a real pleb when it comes to art. Prefer a good picture or a landscape where all things are in the right proportion and in the right place. Not a Picasso fan. However went onto the WWW to try and get a value on that Mona Lisa painting. As expected it is not for sale and therefore priceless. However this appeared on the WWW dated 2013 05 26.

The Mona Lisa is not insured as it is considered priceless, and it has a current estimated value of almost US$760 million, based on an insurance assessment in the early 1960s, valued then at $100 million


One thing for sure. If I owned it, I would convert it into something useful............ cash.

Have a great time in Lima.
I asked that question when I was there and they didn't comment.
But I know another painting that was not nearly as famous sold for over $100 million recently. It was bought by a museum. And with their grants making millions of dollars in interest each year, they need to spend their money somewhere. I am sure a few museums around the world would want it. And it costs about $16 to get in to the Louvre and they attract thousands of people each and every day so it wouldn't take long to buy a few more paintings for the museum
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