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[QUOTE=squiffynimrod;21964042]Wow, those are great pics of Paris and I loved the commentary- A church where the Hunchback lived

But I really liked your take on the Mona Lisa and the cause of fame. Famous because other people said so.
The painting has done nothing for me but sit there. It is static and adds nothing but being a painting, famous because other people said so.

You however have entertained me, educated me, taken me along on your fantastic journey.

For me you are famous.

Thank you.[/QUOT

I am sure your opinion is shared by many here.
But then again, this is a motorcycle web site.

I thought the same thing about watching the Tour de France. There were a million people there that were all wrapped up in it. They even got excited watching the cars drive by with the logos of their favorite rider's sponsors
For me, it was kind of boring. I like riding bikes but that is about all. I don't live and breath bicycles. But for many, it was a bucketlist thing for them to see. For me, it was just another notch on my stick and a small one at that.
I suppose for some, the Monalisa gets them off and flips their twinkie.
Different strokes for different folks.
And I am ok with that.
If everyone liked doing the same things I do, then there would be too many people in my way and I would be even a bigger jerk than I already am
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