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Originally Posted by Yukon Ho! View Post
The unit comes manufactured with double-sided tape, and a big solder join in the center under the antenna. Despite that, others and I experienced loss of satellite reception due to that solder joint failing due to long term exposure to vibration. The OEM tape and solder are not adequate. Garmin offers Montana as a handheld trail unit, specifically does not offer it among their motorcycle-suitable devices. Does "better tape" exist? You'd have to re-solder the antenna to get it off, replace the tape, solder it back on... I will always carry the external antenna as a backup. This is all a lot of hassle for a GPS unit...
Interestingly (at least to me) it seems that BMW is starting to offer a version of the Montana as an additional BMW branded GPS choice, this time called the Adventure, or some such. I spoke with support at Garmin and was told that the only differences were the color of the case and the inclusion of BMW dealer locations.

It would be very interesting to see the inside of one and compare it to the inside of a standard Montana, to see if any hardening is apparent.
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