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Originally Posted by mud View Post
Hey all, SO, does anyone have any pointers for looking for a pre-65' Trials bike? Any sites I should check out? I should add, that I am LOOKING. I don't really know how serious I am yet....
Based on that last line I would say buy a TL-125, add gas before each event and just ride! Otherwise, there's a couple good responses here already.

Should you decide you are serious there are some resources out there once you are narrowed down to a specific machine. There are a lot of ways to approach this, depending on whether you are buying an existing competition-ready bike or looking for an all-out project. The former route is the easiest, and while the bike will still cost more and be more work (both riding and maintaining!) then a later might just be manageable for a rider with the committment and good mechanical skills. A project bike with engine work, kit frames, fabrication, aftermarket bits, etc. is a lot more work of course, but also lot of satisfaction IF that's what you want AND you have the time, resources and noted by others here.

Most of the bikes in the class are British as is most of the aftermarket support, but there are a few domestic sources as well. The good news is there is an active cottage-industry around these bikes, making parts availability often better then for many later twin-shock bikes and monos! There's a lot of variety within the pre-65 category, from the early light weight two-strokes (BSA Bantams) to smaller four strokes (Triumph Tiger Cub) and of course big singles (BSA, Matchless, Ariel) and even twins...with varying levels of availability, difficulty and cost. Hopefully you already have some idea here of what you want?
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