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Thanks guys!

I know I over-think things but every once in a while I surprise the crap out of someone with a clever bit from my tool bag which makes it all worth while... Like when a buddy dropped a nut in the leaves during repairs from a dirt-nap and started cussing a blue-streak as it was a critical fastener ... the little high-strength magnet I have in my bag found it in no time ....

I try to work only from my bike kit when doing maint/repairs so as to discover what is not in the bag that perhaps should be added (or could be jettisoned ...) I have the F658GS so carry a plugger & compressor but no tire spoons.

I have a 24mm socket for the axle nut, a ratchet head that accepts extensions as it's handle ... with both my 3" and 6" extensions installed and a well-placed booted foot I've removed and reinstalled the nut in a pinch once, but was fishing for better ideas.
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