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18 day, 6,100 mile trip two-up.

(Jasper, Alberta)

Two full sized 41 litre Zegas and one XL drybag and a Wolfman tankbag. Also there is a small lockable compartment under that black Jesse rear rack with the reflective tape on it.

(Just outside of Chicago, in Marengo)

in the left side, my side

The bulk of the tool kit. (never used)
Can of Plexus and microfiber cloth.
two face shields (dark and clear with pinlock)
extra drybag in case more kit needs to be strapped to the bike.
extra pair of warm gloves.
my toiletry bag
Cube bag with all the clothes (4 days of riding kit and one pair of pants with zip off legs and a real t-shirt, and two quick dry camp towels)
Tevas sandals. Good for walking and showering in campground showers.
Aerostich windblock jersey
Ball cap.

In the right side, her side:
A portion of the toolkit (again, never used)
A first aid kit
her Tevas
Her clothes in a cube bag. (riding kit for 4 days, two quick dry camp towels, plus plus plus. You understand.)
Her cold weather liners.
extra pair of warm gloves.
her toiletry bag.
Ball cap.
A mesh bag with a cordlock opening in which to place the wash or to strap wet wash to the bike so it could dry.
4 extra straps which were very long, just in case.

In the tankbag is a Canon T3i Camera with an 18-55mm lens in a LowePro top-loader plus a 55-250mm lens a separate bag. Plus the other things you put in a tank bag.

In the Jesse rack locking compartment is a partial quart of oil and a Pack-Safe net. We never used the Pack-Safe net. I've carried it twice now and I have yet to use it. When I leave the bike I either took the tankbag with me or I took the camera. No one ever bothered the dry bag.

This is how we left the bike, even in Yellowstone, for hours. No hassle.

You might recognize the place.

I just left a strap on my lid and one on hers for tying down the Tevas.

In the dry bag:

Her Kelty sleeping bag, synthetic in a compression stuff
Her Therm-a-Rest air mattress
Her REI camp pillow

My North Face Gold Kazoo down bag in a compression stuff (it comes with one)
My Big Agnes air mattress
my Therm-a-Rest pillow

a small fleece bag with all the camp kit: bug spray in a sealed bag, headlamps, matches, eating utensils, clothesline, tent repair, etc.

Big Agness Copper Spur UL3 tent.

So you see, on the three times we got hotel rooms, we didn't have to unpack that dry bag at all. It comes off and stays in the corner. On the other hand on those times when we had to go back out to fetch provisions or firewood, etc, I could drop her off, throw the dry bag at her and know she had everything to set up camp.

(Glacier Nat'l Park)

This is how the bike looks when we leave camp. The wet camp towels are strapped to the arse end of the bike to dry. They will be dry by the first fuel stop or sooner. Sometimes if we aren't able to dry the washing we put it in the cordlocked mesh bag and strapped it there as well. Never a problem.

Tevas were strapped to the top of the Zegas to dry. Worked a treat.

Here's camp:

Not much to it. We usually keep our riding kit in the drybag, under her side of the vestibule. We keep our boots under the vestibule as well. Helmets are kept in the tent, the Copper Spur 3 has enough room for this. Toiletries and clean clothes are in the tent for the next day. I put the tank bag in the tent or in one of the Zegas and locked it. I never took the panniers off the bike. No one ever messed with it. If you know the sound of your pannier being opened I'm sure you'll agree it would wake you up straight away.
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