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Originally Posted by tactical-T View Post
Hey RD,
How you doin? I see you have a Terra. I'm currently riding a BMW R1150R rat bike (if there is such a thing) but I'm looking to sell it to buy an all-rounder comuter type thing. Was looking at the Sertao, terra, Kawasaki versus... bikes that would be cheap, decent at getting me from Aberdeen to post in relative comfort, cheap and still handle back road exploring and cheap. You get the pic. The point... how do you like yours? Do you use it for commuting? I have a TE450 that I ride for my off-road bike and keep plated just for jumping from trail to trail and I love it. If I had the means ($$) I'd buy a TE310 just for racing. There is also the whole trials thing that Greg wants me to get into as well. Actually trials is something that I've always wanted to do. So many bikes, so little time/money. Anyway I've seen you popping up in different threads and we're in the same neck of the woods so I'd figureI'd give you a shout.

That commute is EXACTLY why I bought the TR650. It is comfortable enough for a 30+ mile commute each way, and capable enough to take the "scenic" and unpaved route home when I want to.

If you've ever seen that guy running around post on the green Triumph hack, or the red Ural, then you've seen me. The old Triumphs don't get commuting love...nor do they run often.

I'm down in Augusta for the next few weeks. I'll hit you up when I get back and maybe we can meet up at Railhouse for a brew.
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