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I'm currently on the road myslef, at Metz, but was in Chamonix the other day (hated leaving!) and met a fellow biker on a sweet Aprillia that he'd rented from an outfit in Monthey. He was enthusiastic both for them and their Apprillia 850GT

Might be worth considering.

Their contact details:
Motorbikes Center
Z. I Boeufferant
1870 Monthey
TÚl. 024/472.82.26

Thank you ever so much Chinchillin but, the idea of owning my own bike in Europe seem like a lot better option then renting.
I have been looking at bikes on the Irish classifieds and as Martin said, I can be up and running for under $4K with a fully loaded bike.
If I use this bike for 2-3 weeks a year for 3 years, the bike has more than paid for itself and I should still have a decent residual value if I decide to sell.
I have a good friend in New York who also want's to ride over there so, we have decided to split the purchase cost and Martin said he can title the bike in both our names, thus making it even more affordable.
Martin has sent me some excellent referrals and I'm very confident in his ability to source, store and prepare bikes.
Now, to order some European maps and get some pointers. Norway looks nice.
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