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Originally Posted by azkiwi View Post
Hard to imagine. To come close to the Ducati money Yamaha would be offering him something in Rossi territory. That in itself would go over like a turd in a punchbowl.

Lotta moola for 5th or 6th...
You think? Rossi money?

He should take it but make it a one year deal. Lots of very confident athletes do one year deals on poor teams when they are emerging. Teams want to sign them for longer terms, but the confident ones say no. They want a mega contract the next year, and are willing to risk a bad season or injury. I love those guys and Cal is clearly emerging. To my eyes, he is showing quite a bit more speed than Ben Spies was. Yamaha and Honda will still covet him if he stays healthy. I vote for him to finally get a payday.

It is a risk, but we all know Cal relishes the risky end of things. In 3 years he may be driving a cab, but I am willing to bet on him. He's a different fellow from the rest. Sort of a Max story without the acid. There is no better than that!
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