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As someone holed up in a remote outpost in Antarctica with 20 other people int eh middle of freezing Austral winter, I totally support this wisdom.

We have to deal with conflict and either being the asshat, or being affected by an asshat, every day. I have to constantly remind myself that this is not just my job, but an adventure that I signed on for. And, it is one that is funding my next adventure in SA.

"Just try not to be a toolbag for just one hour..."

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The right attitude. Seriously.
I have ridden with and been that guy who got up on the wrong side of the tent. It makes your day ugly to be him or ride with him. When shit goes wrong try and remember it is an adventure and every day is not going to be sunny with light tailwinds.
As Willys said he has lost friends and good riding partners. When you or your buddy is being a pain in the ass try and make it a temporary thing. When you put your helmet back on you have the choice of dwelling on the negative thing that just happened or totally letting it go and enjoying the next segment of your ride. This could be the determining factor on how the next stop goes.
I am still working on it but have lost a lot of great days because my riding partner pissed me off and I let it get to me.
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