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The only real problems with the Carcano was that there were so many BETTER rifles out there during that period. It wasn't that they were THAT bad.

I think I would depend on how you define better. I don't think the rifles are any better in terms of quality. I have been lucky enough to own every main bolt battle rifle of WWII and assuming the rifles are in like shape they are all about the same. Out of all the bolt battle rifles of WWII I like the French MAS 36 the best....seems to be the best made of all of them....but you would think it would be...being the last one designed, the French could look at all the other designs and take the best from all and put them in one. I also like my Type 99 another rifle that is written off as junk....or not as good as the others, as strong or whatever.

The other problem is getting the right sized many shooting 265 out of a hole that is 268 and then griping about the rifle not being able to hit anything...well duh.
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