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So we are currently on a COBDR trip with 2 WRR's, 2 CRF's & a sherpa. My wife is riding one of the CRF's and is doing great on it. She's absolutely loving the bike and I've really seen her shine on it out here.

The other CRF is being ridden by my buddies brother. He's probably the newest to the dirt of all 5 of us, but not new to bikes by a long shot. He's a pretty good mechanic too.

His CRF isn't stock and has some of the usual mods like pipe, programmer, etc. On our 2nd day of the trip, we were going over Ophir pass and he was struggling a bit and took a spill hurting his knee. When I went back to help him, he said his clutch was slipping and he just couldn't keep his momentum up. I ended up riding his bike up over the pass for him and I could definitely feel his clutch slipping when I got on it. He had adjusted the slack before the trip and it was fine, but when we checked it on the pass after we noticed it was slipping, there was no free play in the cable, so that certainly wasn't helping. We were able to adjust it out some more, but by then we assumed the damage had been done and he was still hurting pretty good from his tumble. He decided to head off to a town to get new clutch plates while the rest of us continued on.

We heard back from him today and when he went to put the new clutch plates in, he discovered that of the 5 clutch springs in there, one of the bosses holding a spring had broken off meaning there were only 4 springs applying pressure to the clutch plates. That doesn't seem like something that just break off on a low mileage CRF. According to him, it appeared the metal had inclusions in it pointing to a manufacturing defect and even the mechanic there at the shop agreed. Needless to say, his trip is done and he's headed home, but was just curious if anyone else had ran into this with the clutch springs?

So far my wife's CRF has been fine, but its a very low mileage one also and we haven't been into the clutch for any reason yet.
Just did Ophir 2 weeks ago aboard 2 CRFLs without incident. Did your buddy crash in the washout just down from the top of the pass?

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