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Station Clean Up

Its been just over a week since we had 48 hours of cyclonic winds. With the winds averaging speeds of 70knots and gusts well over 80. At the time all non essential movements around station were stopped. And for those that did have to go do ops, it was a two person job with a third manning a radio just in case. Visibility was down to being able to see your feet and the blizz line in your hands. What would take 20 minutes to complete normally, took almost 2 hours. Most of this time was just dragging one's self from building to building.
It has taken 3 days to clear the machines of snow. Every nook and cranny in a machine was packed full of compressed snow!! We had to dig the engine bays out and clear all snow from around any moving part. The herman nelson was used to melt out the remaining snow.

In some of these pictures the snow has covered the walk ways. These walk ways are almost 2 meters off the ground.

Another question I was asked is why do we need large earth moving equipment in Antarctica? If it was not for the heavy equipment we would loose the station to the snow. Click on the bottom picture to watch a quick movie of one days cleanup outside the living quarters.

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