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Originally Posted by RACINGTHESUN View Post
When I told the salesman I wanted to test ride one he asked why? He did this because he knows I am interested in the WR250R, and he knows that I really liked the test rode I took. I told him I wanted to be sure what bike I wanted and to really see if the little WR is worth $2000 more than the CRF. He quickly stated that the WR was not quite $2000 more, at least not the 2013 model. Well, after some arm twisting I got to ride the CRF. Really no arm twisting, the salesman didn't have a problem. The bike did have one whole mile on it when I left It was a 2014 and they had just got it the day before. Well, heard a lot of bad and good about the little red bike and had to find out for myself on a short little test ride. Here are the things I liked. The bike surprisingly had a little giddy up, and me being a very big fella at 260+. I don't expect it to have a lot of torque, it is a little 250. It still didn't seem to have as much giddy up as the Yamaha did. Really liked the height from the ground. I am almost 6ft tall, and the WR is just about too high. It would be interesting to see how it would do out in the tough riding areas with the Boulder size rocks everywhere. I mostly ride on Jeep Trails, and loved to take the DR650's up some narly stuff. I just don't know if the shocks on little red would handle the bumps. I believe the bottom after market protection would get the heck beat out of it. Still I liked how low little red sat. I did take it on a dirt rode, the same one as the WR, much to the salesman's dismay. Lucky I didn't find some mud The bike still feels light, even though it is considerably heavier than the WR. Note, I ride a KLR650, and trust me it is a pig in the dirt. I can't stand it. Big mistake buying that POS. Anyway, enough about Mulina, that is my KLR's name. The shocks left something to be desired. The bumps were not all that good. The seat is just as awful as the WR seat. Neither one impressed me. The vibration through the handlebars, even on the pavement was pretty noticeable. Keep in mind not nearly as bad as Mulina, but the little WR had virtually no vibration and that was also on the dirt road. It just seemed to sail right over the bumps. It seemed like I felt most of the bumps on the CRF. Keep in mind, I don't know if it was set up properly before I left. Can you adjust the suspension on little red? The very last thing was the brakes. I very nearly ran right into the back of a persons car at a light. It was a pretty quick stop. WTF? I mean my KLR stops better than little red. The brakes might not have been set up right, don't know. I let the salesman know about it when I got back. I was very wary, the rest of the test ride. Now the million dollar question. Is the WR worth $2000 more than little red? Well, I figured after all the upgrades to make the suspension as good as the WR, and the fact that the WR seems to have a better engine with more HP, no vibration through the handlebars, then I would have to say yeah. Of course we all know that every new vehicle is overpriced anyway, so what difference does it really make? Still $2000 is a lot of money. Still, will have to decide, and I am leaning towards getting it(WR). Maybe tomorrow.....Just though I would share my opinion, just in case anybody is on the fence about whether or not to get this bike. I know 7 miles and ten minutes is not a lot of time to properly evaluate a bike, but the problems I had with it were clearly evident in the little red ride. Everybody has different tastes, and mostly different riding styles. Most people would not ride little red in places that I like to ride. Remember the bad boulder strewn roads? Well, in that case little red would probably be ok, and you wouldn't want to pay $2000 extra for a more offroad worthy moto?
Just a couple notes of comparison to your experience on the test ride:

Vibration: That's curious. One of the things I like about the CRF is the absence of vibration on the seat, the bars, you name it.

Bad bolder strewn roads: Clyde (my CRF250L) and I have ridden lots of routes now that sound a lot like what you describe; steep, loose rock and bolder strewn with deep ruts crisscrossing at all angles thrown in for good measure. I find the bike handles it really well -- far better than I do :-).

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