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Originally Posted by RACINGTHESUN View Post
The bike surprisingly had a little giddy up, and me being a very big fella at 260+. I don't expect it to have a lot of torque, it is a little 250.

The shocks left something to be desired. The bumps were not all that good. The seat is just as awful as the WR seat. Neither one impressed me. The vibration through the handlebars, even on the pavement was pretty noticeable.

Keep in mind, I don't know if it was set up properly before I left. Can you adjust the suspension on little red? The very last thing was the brakes. I very nearly ran right into the back of a persons car at a light. It was a pretty quick stop. WTF? I mean my KLR stops better than little red. The brakes might not have been set up right, don't know. I let the salesman know about it when I got back. I was very wary, the rest of the test ride. Now the million dollar question. Is the WR worth $2000 more than little red?
Well, I figured after all the upgrades to make the suspension as good as the WR, and the fact that the WR seems to have a better engine with more HP, no vibration through the handlebars, then I would have to say yeah.

I know 7 miles and ten minutes is not a lot of time to properly evaluate a bike, but the problems I had with it were clearly evident in the little red ride. Everybody has different tastes, and mostly different riding styles.

Most people would not ride little red in places that I like to ride. Remember the bad boulder strewn roads? Well, in that case little red would probably be ok, and you wouldn't want to pay $2000 extra for a more offroad worthy moto?

I'd say @ 260 pounds no matter what bike you buy you'll need to change the suspension for your weight, especially if you like riding knarley stuff. You can adjust the preload on the LRP, but it can't make up for your weight, and the rest of the suspension is not adjustable. A WR might have better stock suspension than the LRP, but it's still designed for an average rider around 180 pounds. It is a much taller bike, but with it being way under sprung for you the "rider sag" (measurement of sag with rider on it) brought it down to where the height seemed like a none issue it seems, but that's not where the bike should be riding at to get the most out of the suspension and handling.

With a brand spanking new bike it's hard to evaluate what it will become, it gets smoother, more powerful and far better braking with some miles on it like folks have mentioned. There are lots of appropriate comparison threads, mostly with posts like yours from people who have briefly ridden both bike or come to their conclusions based on what's on paper or from reading what the stupid moto magazines write. In the end, at your weight I would figure in spending $$ on suspension and a seat no matter what bike you buy and the rest of the decision is personal.

At the start of this thread I posted how to really search for various threads on the CRFL, might help folks looking for comparisons when trying to decide what bike to buy.

Here's a short video of the LRP on some rocky terrain, stock suspension and I weight about 180 with gear, a repost I know but this thread has grown quite a bit being the catch all place for any post relating to the LRP.
It is more than capable in stock form to get pushed pretty hard IMO.

Death Valley Daze from Lost Rider on Vimeo.

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