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Originally Posted by rudk View Post
Ran into a group of Harley riders at a service area a couple of weeks ago. Most of them on Electra or Street Glides. Never gave a second thought about Harleys lately, been riding sportbikes, supermotos/enduros the last 15 years, but two of the Street Glides, customized with taste, where looking COMPLETELY BADASS, especially one with a Matte black paintjob, and really got me into thinking to sell my two bikes and get myself a Street Glide.

Here's a couple of pics:

Anyway, the next week I called a couple of dealers, asked for a test ride and made appointments. The Street Glide was great, too bad at 6' the BatWings/mini windscreen produced so much buzz and buffeting which ruled it out for me.

I also took a spin on a Fat Boy Lo - drove it about 1 mile, turned around, rode back, gave back the key and thanked the dealer for the ride. I found the riding position pretty unbearable, putting yourself into an completely unnatural riding posture, like sitting on a too low chair with the rear chairlegs about to break, the forward positioned feet on the floorboards locked into one position (I have shoesize 13) by the rear shifter etc. etc.

As I was at it, I also test rode a 1200 Sportster Custom. Except for the forward mounted footpegs which drag on every occasion, especially on the right side, in terms of "vibe" from the engine, chassis/handling I liked it the best.

The Street Glide looks badass, though.
If you're a taller guy and are still thinking hog you might want to try out a Harley police bike. The FLHTP Police EG and FLHP Road Kink sit normal height and have (arguably) the best seat on a Harley, the air/spring police solo seat.

I wouldn't be surprised if the dealer wouldn't remove the heel shifter for a test ride if you asked him, so that you could get a feel of the bike without it. Love or hate HD's, Harley dealers are the most accommodating of any brand when it comes to test rides.
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