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Originally Posted by sixspeed View Post
I give them credit, they'll pretty much just about let anybody take out anything out for a demo ride.

And maybe I'm lucky (or blessed) but I've never run into a pushy saleshole at a HD dealer that tried to push me into a bike I didn't want or didn't fit me.
I actually have very limited experience with HD dealerships. But, the one time that I did wonder into one and see a bike I actually liked, the salesman actually offered me a test ride on his own, without me even inquiring. I wasn't even in there with any idea of buying a bike. Me, and the then future MrsRandy just wondered in on a lark to kill some time. But, a few days later I went back and took that test ride. I actually rode two bikes that day. They ended up not making a sale, but it did make me want one. Then a month or so later my fiance bought me the bike I wanted as a surprise Christmas gift from a dealer that was closer to me than the one that I took the test ride at. So, while that dealer and salesman didn't get anything out of it, HD's policy did sell a bike. I never even dreamed I'd want a Harley until I took that test ride. And, I agree, there was no pressure at all while there either time. They didn't try to steer me onto another bike. Just offered, and later gave me a ride on the bike I liked.
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