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Anyone who has ridden a Zuma 125 knows it has almost no legroom (that may be the reason why someone came up with aftermarket highway pegs for it) but using them cuts 5 mph off top speed. The Vino 125 has quite a bit more leg room.

But I find the "stretch out" thing to be odd. I ride a cruiser motorcycle so I can sit upright and stretch my legs out with the forward pegs. The bars are tall enough and come back far enough that you can reach them easily without having to lean forward. Yet this is what most motorcycle riders don't want. They want the pegs to be way back, and the bars to be about the same height as the seat, specifically so they can put most of their upper body weight on the bars, and have their legs all scrunched up underneath them. I never understood why everybody wants such an uncomfortable riding position, but they do. The new Honda CTX700 got tons of complaints because it has a cruiser like riding position, without looking like a cruiser. Will be interesting to see how well it sells.
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