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Originally Posted by Parx400 View Post
Revit sand 2 review
My Measurements
Hip: 41
Waist: 36
Out seam: 43.5
Inseam: 30
Chest 41
Height just under 6,3
Weight: 215

Pants 4/5
I got my revit sand2 pants delivered. I went down a size since I have lost weight. I ordered XL Long. I had been wearing 2XL long revit cayenne pants. My first observation is the size chart is still way off if you donít have a small Euro frame. All my measurements put me into a Large for both jacket and pants. I have some meat in my upper legs and a too much on the ass still but I plan to lose that weight very soon. With liners in they are a little snug in the butt, upper legs and hips. Waist is spot on. One feature I hate (reason for the 4 out of 5) is they did not use stretch panels in the crotch. It makes getting your leg over the bike much harder. With Liners out they fit perfect.
I had planned on selling my cayenne pro pants but I think I will keep them for winter. With the liners in they still fit ok. I think the liner material is much better in the cayenne pro pants in regards to how it feels against your legs.

Besides the stretch panels the pants are great. They are slightly more forgiving fit wise than the sand 1.

Sizing for the jacket says I should be in a Large. I tried on a large and there is no way it will fit. My shoulders are just way too wide. I have kind of a large upper frame with a smallish waist and not a really big chest. Suit jackets have always been hard for me to find. When I am in good shape (almost back there) I wear a 34 waist yet I still have to buy a 44 jacket for my shoulders. A 44 jacket comes with size 38 pants if bought as a pair.
I will add more when the jacket gets here. Currently I have a defender GTX 2XL and it is HUGE on me. It will be for sale shortly.

Not ordered yet but the size chart says Iím a large. I have think long hands. I basically have a large version of a girls hand. Will update when I get gloves.


I have had the suit now for a while so here is my thoughts


Besides only having the full zip on the rian liner the jacket is great. Dont bother with the camel back pocket its worthless. You can open it though and get more air flow out the back. When I got mine the revit back armor was back ordered for ever so I just cut down a sastec again. you only have to trim the sides, leght wise it fit fine. Love this jacket.


Even in xl the pants are tight in the crotch with the liners in. They could fix this by putting in stretch panels but that costs more money. Lines out they are perfect. i'm going to keep my cayenne pro 2xl long pants for winter though. They fit good with all the liners in and the liner material is softer. Only going to use them when its super cold and I never plan to take out the liners. They are wayy too big on me with the liners out.

The size chart says I an a large but the Med I tried on fit. I always by gloves as small as I can because they stretch. I tried on a xl and it was SUPER big. I have a large version of a women's hand. its sad.

Very happy with my revit stuff.
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