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OK, so since I bought the Montana from Touratech here in Seattle, and they also sell the G9, I thought I'd pop down to them and have a chat. Their G9's and mine all had the same effect on both my Montana, their Montanas, and also a GPSMap 60 and 62 series. TT guys were a little stunned; this has never been a problem for them, and it's likely because of the distance between their heads and their GPSs.

I ride with my GPS on the left handlebar; I'm a short guy w short arms so mounting the GPS dead center over the gauges would be too far, and dead center on the handlebar clamp would interfere with my view of the gauges.

So, with positioning in mind, I rode out this weekend with my gf, and swapped her g4 for my g9; no problems arose, and the GPS worked just fine.

Recommendation: Move GPS further away and not on the same side as the G9.

Called Scala and they were confused but helpful on the phone. Recommended an update, which I ran while they were on the phone; now upgraded to internal SW version 1.5, which may address the problem; I'll test it out sometime this weekend.

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That's a tough one - I wonder if their new series, the Q3, is also disrupting the gps signal?
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