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Originally Posted by RWBWheel View Post
Hi all,
I just replaced my front 530 and used the clip type master that the orig had...was this a mistake?
Cleaned rear in kerosene and looks new- went to replace with new masterlink-snap-on style like it had on it..
went 100 feet and threw the you all prefer to use rivited masters or is there a secret to putting on the snap style links that I am missing?
Any input form you more experiencd guys? i'd like to hear your input..
the video i watched on installing rivet style says to micrometer the pin dia. when installing ....
I have been riding off road for 44 years and have never had a clip type master link come off or fail.

They must be the right clip for the chain,put on correctly verifying that the closed end of the clip is facing forward to the direction of chain travel and the clip must be in the grooves on the pins.
the clip must not be free to move around when "snapped" in place. If it is loose,it is sprung open or incorrect for the chain.
Any of these are not correct and you might lose it.

You did not say if you broke the chain (came apart) or if you simply threw it off the sprockets.
If it came apart at the master link,one of the items above was not correct. If it stayed in one piece but came off the sprockets,you have an alignment and guide problem.
After tensioning your chain,get down behind it and sight down the chain. You can clearly see if it's not straight.

I don't care much for riveted links because if you don't have the proper tools to deform the end of the pin to the proper shape and size, it will come apart.
On very high horsepower street bikes they are recommended because they are ultimately stronger IF installed correctly.
I don't think our BW's fall under the "high horsepower" category.
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