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Originally Posted by Mr. BigWheel View Post
It is usually pretty difficult to misalign the 530(front) sprockets. I would have to guess that the chain came apart.

Was the chain an O-ring style?

If it is an O-ring, then that makes it a little bit harder to get the plate pushed down on the pins so the clip can slide into it's slot on the pins. There are fancy tools that make the installation easier or you can just use a pair of vice grips and a nut that has an I.D. that is larger than the pin.

You just have to be careful that you don't press the plate on too tightly or the seals will be crushed and a tight link will be the result.
The front 530 I replaced with an o-ring like stock.
rear is the 520 non -o ring chain and maybe the shop sold me wrong master? all 520 i assume would have same size pins ? regardless of manufacturer?
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