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Originally Posted by RWBWheel View Post
The rear chain was being cleaned and re-installed- purchased new master link at non-Yam. shop. clip-style- not o-ring as on front..I think I must have done one of your items wrong, I know it was in correct dirrection. Yes it failed at the master and could not find any of the parts..Of course the tool box and bag of extra links were 40 miles away at and learn..
i wouldnt expect to swap 520 / 530 parts but shouldn't all 520 master links be the same?? or only a Yammie link on a yammie chain? / renthal link on renthal chain? Etc..
All 520 master links are not the same.Although the pitch (.625) and width (.250-inside) are the same,the actual dimensions of the parts can be different.
You should use the master designed for the chain unless you are 10 miles from the truck and your buddy has one that will work well enough to get you home.
The main thing is to get the clip on correctly and make sure it's tight when installed.
The open end of the clip should look the same installed on the chain as it does when laying in your hand.
The open end of the clip should be just as close together when installed.
If I were to guess at what happened I would say the clip was correct on the leading pin and not in the groove correctly on the trailing pin.With a little movement the clip turned and then fell off.I know this is possible as I have done it myself.
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