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Hope to see you down here. This place would be a very nice day ride from DGO city. A big DS bike could easily do it. It's about 150 km SW of town, on about half paved and half gravel roads.

But yesterday we took Miguel's "alternative route" there. Miguel programs his routes in Google Earth and always looks for the most challenging route he can find from point A'-B'. He has an utter contempt for flat, smooth, well marked, commonly traveled roads. If it appears on a map, he will avoid it. So we ended up on a maze of logging roads that looked like they hadn't been used in half a century. We even got some nice single track!

This place was probably logged back in the 1950s

Miguel getting a running start "con vuelo"
It surprising to me how much the landscape there is like the landscape here around the SC/NC mountains.Looks like a good adventure to me.Nothing better than a bunch of guys riding the backwoods and draggin bikes over stumps and logs.If we have to listen out for banjos here,what do ya'll have to listen out for there?
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