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Originally Posted by mike1229 View Post
OK bought a XR650R that sat for 2 years that has been motard, need stock links since he lowered her. He put a 102 mm kit in her and a hot cam stage 1 xr only exhaust with header, she has a slow jet of 70 and a main jet of 205. If I was to run down the road from 25 to 45 she acts like she is missing. No popping on decel and runs like a champ above 50. I know it has to do with throttle, is that in my needle adjustment.
First thing I'd do is remove carb and clean thoroughly with aerosol carb cleaner (spray in all holes and jets and allow to drip off so dirt is carried away as you spray. Once that has been eliminated I would check float height and only then look at jetting.

Hope that helps
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