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Can you give more information like where did you get them and which ones?

Originally Posted by JBXC View Post
I haven't been satisfied with the lighting on my Tiger 800 XC. Not enough light on the highway or offroad. Before I spent the money for some auxiliary lights I thought I would give some HID's a try. I just got back from a test ride after installation. All I can say is "wow!" They are much brighter on the interstate and on backroads. Road signs are much easier to read too. No one flashed their headlights at me so I guess they aren't blinding on coming traffic either.

The install was pretty easy. And you don't need all those relays, and canbus attachments they try to sell you either. I just installed the bulb, plugged in the ballast and everything worked fine. All in all, a great value. They will probably increase my daytime visibility too.
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