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Originally Posted by Falconx84 View Post
I could be totally wrong... My dirt skills are basic at best, and I've never been on rocks larger than baseball size

But aren't your feet supposed to stay on the pegs? The idea being that the bike moves under you and your legs work as shock absorbers so you don't get bucked off.

You've been watching too many professional riders. In theory, you are right. However, for mere mortals, standing on the pegs climbing rough scree is often disastrous. In the extra second it takes to perform an emergency dab from a standing position, you will already be on the ground.

Last weekend I was riding with my lovely wife. She has great form standing up. I watched her picking a line up a long rocky hill. The front end hit a roller & she went down before she could catch herself. I told her to sit down and treat the clutch like it was our corgi (abuse it!), get her weight on the back wheel, and paddle her way up. All was good after that.
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