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I'll see you MOTORCYCLIST article and raise you one RIDER MAGAZINE article....

That is actually coming out next month in the September issue which people are already receiving... Wowzers are they ordering too!

Yes I am hoping to make IMS Long Beach again. How did you miss me? Because I was next to the Shamwow guy and everyone turns their head away and walks quickly past to not get picked on by a caffeine-crazed soda spilling maid with a microphone. Plus he had a pole in his booth and had to turn his giant rack of Shamwows at an angle and completely block me and the booth next to me. They were ready to riot... It was actually pretty funny.

I just confirmed 4 Corners Rally in Colorado for the end of this month and I'm picking my booth for AIM EXPO in Orlando today. That's gonna be ridiculous. The map looks like a city map of Manhattan... And already almost completely full.

I'm still running 16 hour days trying to build enough inventory for the shows and make up for being gone a week at a time but I'm really excited as the shows are a BLAST!

Brian Carmicheal
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