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Originally Posted by GrizGirl View Post
As for crashing, I don't think putting a hand out is necessarily gender related. I know plenty of men who have broken hands, arms, shoulders, and collarbones because they try to catch themselves when they fall. I think it has more to do with sports and activities when younger. I played competitive soccer and raced mountain bikes and when I fall I tuck everything in and try to land flat without any body parts sticking out. Landing on a forearm or fist can easily get something broken if you fall the wrong way or too far.
Agreed, I don't think it is gender related as well. In my senior year of high school football I did a bonehead move and stuck my hand out to catch my fall, no idea why as it wasn't a common reaction for me. My only guess was it was due to lack of concentration as it was a thursday pre-game practice in half-pads. Ended up going backwards over the tackle pile that I didn't realize was right behind me. Trying to catch myself ended in two spiral fractures of the metacarpals in my right hand. I did land very strangely though, like if you make a V-shape with your thumb and index finger and tried to catch yourself with that.
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