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No Putine?

You are a brave man! I'm sure several of our New York brothers might dispute your claims for Montreal Bageldom. In fact, I'm in general agreement about the culinary expertise among the Quebecois. Every trip I've taken to Quebec results in an extra 5 pounds of rider weight on the return trip. In re: Bagels, however, though I've never tried Montreal bagels, (en Quebec je prefer brioche), I have to say that I used to work a consult job at Mt Sinai several weekends a month. My breakfast bagel down on Manhattan's lower E. side would be very hard to beat.

BTW: Couldn't agree more about REAL maple syrup. I've read that mass market stuff like Log Cabin, etc. is only required to have 4% maple syrup. The other 96% is ....? Stuff that's sold as "table syrup" has no need to have even been near a maple tree. It's 100% petroleum byproduct....or something.
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