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Nope, not yet, that college girl in a SUV I got in a car accident with almost initiated me(And my passenger, still, everyone walked away without a scratch, so that's what matters) though. Went like this:

*Wreck happens, my car does a 180, I'm disorientated as hell*

"What's that white shit on my steering wheel?"

"Oh shit, that's my airbag"

"What's that other white shit coming from my dash?"

"Oh, that's smoke"

"Didn't hurt much, must have been a fender bender or something"

At this point I get the other driver out of her SUV, I don't even look at my car, more concerned with checking out my passenger and the other driver for injuries, I'm still disorientated, adrenalin rush still has me going at 110%.

"Wait, a third car in the wreck? Holy shit, that Mazda 3 got fucked up"

"Wait, there's only two cars in the wreck, and that's my Mazda 3 that got fucked up, god dammit"
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