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Can you post a picture of what you see after removing the right side panel? I have minimal experience with the 650GT (don't have Pop's here for reference) but it has many similarities w/ my GSA. Replacement should not be all that tough... only akward Post a pic & I'll try to help.

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After nearly 8k miles, my low beam bulb died. I think it shook to death over the "streets" of New Orleans. Any way, I checked the owners manual and it said to remove the right side panel to gain access to the bulb. Removed the panel and the battery and multiple fuse blocks are in the way. Removed the battery but couldn't see how to remove the battery box and fuse blocks. Called the dealership and the service manual calls for the entire front end to be disassembled for access. I'm not going to pay 2-3 hrs of shop time to change a stupid bulb. Anybody know a better way to gain access?
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