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Minor happenings on the CB. I wore out the back tire, so it's time for new shoes. These should last a little longer, and I have another set of wheels with dirt tires on them anyway. I spent a fortune on tires for mexico, so now I'm using them. Rick's SL got one of the front tires, my Husky 250 got a set today, and the WR200 got the front mousse from the CB and the front tire that was going to go on the Husky.

In addition to the tires, I did a little work on the CB's handling. At Hells Canyon, HellsAlien was asking me how it handled, I said I though it was working but needed a little help. He asked if I let go of the handle bars did it track straight? I had no idea.

So I tried it. Sure enough, it pulls to the left. So I tried fixing it. First was changing the angle of the rear axle, using the cam snails. Mainly because this was easiest to do. It only made a tiny difference, even at a really extreme angle. Next up was the offset of the rear wheel. The swingarm is too wide for the rear hub, which makes this really easy. I swapped around some washers that were being used as spacers to move the wheel over about a quarter inch. This made a big difference, I'd guess the problem was about half as bad. Unfortunately I can't move the wheel over much more, and it's definitely not right, close to rubbing the swingarm and visibly off from the center of the motor. The only other thing is to move the front wheel, which is a lot harder. So I'll think about it for a while before doing anything drastic.

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